Estate Planning

Our estate planning department provides our clients with a cost-effective and comprehensive planning strategy and can readily prepare wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, family partnerships and corporations. We can assist our clients in limiting taxes and preserving family wealth.

Business Formation

Our attorneys will guide a corporation or limited liability company through changes involving reorganizations, mergers, consolidations, stock/assets sales, and final liquidations. We can help our clients take advantage of various tax opportunities and limit the liability of their personal and family assets.

Probate Law

Our lawyers and legal assistants are skilled in the full spectrum of probate work, including conservatorships and guardianships. We can effectively administer any size estate and provide clients with advice on estate planning in relation to living trusts, insurance contracts or retirement survival benefits

Our Vision. Our Commitment.

The law firm of Evans & Davis is committed to providing superior legal services on a personal level while building long standing relationships with each of our clients. Although the Firm provides a full range of legal services, it focuses on estate planning, asset protection, and corporate legal matters.

The Firm’s areas of practice are complex. However, its goals are simple. Evans & Davis strives to serve its clients, their families, and their businesses for a lifetime.

The Firm’s clients are focused primarily throughout Oklahoma and Texas. Its legal team is composed of experienced attorneys and staff with backgrounds in estate planning, banking, politics, securities, and litigation. The Firm’s professionals are active members in church, civic and community organizations.

At all times, Evans & Davis maintains its commitment to excellence, ingenuity, and integrity.

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