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The Laws – Importance And The Need To Apply Them


books-gavelLet’s make a simple exercise of imagination – let’s say you live in a place that has no rules, no regulations and no laws. How do you imagine your life there? Do you think that you would have the peace and comfort that you have today? Do you think that for every wrong there would be a payment? The answer to these questions is “no”, and the reason is simple – if there is no rule and no regulation, not to mention no law, there would also be nobody to apply them.

In a society that has no rules, there is definitely chaos, and history has proven that people simply can’t live like this. As things have evolved, everything has also evolved, from the items that people use every day, to the laws that are set in place in today’s modern society.


Let’s take as an example those states that are still living in the past – the third world, as it’s called – there are old rules that are functioning, but not laws in the sense that we know them. People are guided by the weather and by the beliefs and experiences of the oldest of them. In that part of the world, all the evolution that they use from the modern society is represented by some clothing items and maybe one radio. They haven’t heard of modern laws, and they still apply their old rules, something similar to the law of retaliation.

However, in spite of their seemingly functional society, our modern citizen couldn’t live there, not to mention be able to evolve and develop. Compared to those regions, we have everything we could ask for, and the laws that are set in place only make it easier for people to live in today’s times.

Recent Changes

After the Second World War, things have started to change, not only in the political area, but also in legislation and the views of the states of the world. Things have evolved for the better regarding how the criminal acts are punished and how the lives of the people are protected.
Apart from this, there has also been an encouragement in the development and evolution of science and technology. Instead of working towards destruction, everyone is working for developing new ways for saving lives, with influences in medicine, technology, IT and every other area that people are interested.

How the Laws are AppliedLAW (1)

If someone breaks a law, there are repercussions, but the trick is that the person who
does this needs to be caught breaking the law or discovered. For this, there are the law enforcers – some are known as the police force, or other agencies who are dealing in this area. But, as there is a big thing to say here – the people who apply the law need to also know it properly. Apart from these, there are also the lawyers, and
these are indeed specialists in the different laws and areas of law that are in use today.

The Lawyers

As we said, the lawyers are specialized in different laws, so don’t imagine that you will be using legal help only when you are facing criminal charges. There are different aspects of life that need the advice of a lawyer, so when you’ll want to sell or buy a property, when you divorce or when you get married, and even when you start your own business, it’s better to have a lawyer next to you than to do it alone.

The truth is that the laws are here for a reason, and it’s better to respect them than to be facing charges. If the law enforcers are determined to find out about any wrongdoing, they will make every possible thing to discover it, so it’s better to respect and follow the rules.

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