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Ben Brown tells HR News how EWCs will need to be rehomed from 1 January 2021 to remain valid for EU [...]

Germany has amended its Foreign Trade and Payments Regulations to join the coordinated approach to s [...]

Louisa Cole tells HR News about the new frontier worker permit scheme, a useful option for those who [...]

Katherine Metcalfe tells HR News about the challenge of managing risk in the face of ever-changing g [...]

As the deepest decade-long correction in commodities in 100 years reverses momentum, and miners look [...]

The European Parliament has approved new rules aimed at promoting cross-border crowdfunding services [...]

The Scottish government has published its long-awaited strategic plan identifying sustainable option [...]

When renewable energy projects are being developed, it is crucial to think ahead to future financing [...]

Singapore plans to import 100 megawatts (MW) of electricity from Malaysia for a two year trial start [...]

A pair of recent cases have clarified how rights conferred under the Electronic Communications Code [...]

The Western Australian government has launched its first ‘Whole of System Plan’, a study of how the [...]

A recent decision by the UK's highest court has clarified that where universities are members o [...]

Brand owners do not have to use trade marks they have registered in every market segment falling wit [...]

The UK government has signalled its intention to update insurance regulations that have their root i [...]

Plans to explore a new hydrogen supply chain between Australia and Germany offers a unique opportuni [...]

Japan and Vietnam have signed $40m worth of cooperation agreements during the visit of Japanese Prim [...]

The English and Welsh Court of Appeal has rejected a judicial review attempt against the virtual sup [...]

The European Parliament has adopted three sets of proposed rules for the regulation of artificial in [...]

Lara-Christina Willems explains how businesses need to do more to attract young talent to the indust [...]

Penny Simmons comments on HMRC’s focus on tax investigations despite the pandemic. [...]

The UK and Japan have signed a post-Brexit trade agreement which aims to increase trade between the [...]

Patrick Williams explains redundancy law and procedure applicable to businesses with a presence in A [...]

The way in which investment funds and other financial services firms submit information to, and enga [...]

The powers and responsibilities of the Insurance Authority in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have be [...]

Organisations operating in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) have been urged to review [...]

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