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The manufacturers of branded pharmaceutical products could have to repay more than a fifth of their [...]

Businesses found to have infringed patent rights can face potentially substantial bills for compensa [...]

Businesses that are involved in patent litigation incur costs when engaging legal advisers. Some of [...]

Patent rights are property rights and as such can be assigned, mortgaged, licensed, etc… However, wh [...]

Bringing or defending a patent claim before the courts can be a daunting prospect, not least because [...]

Listed companies must be prepared to appropriately explain the difference between chief executive an [...]

The UK government has endorsed technology which allows electric vehicle owners to supply electricity [...]

Businesses face the prospect of long-term major disruption to their operations unless the UK's [...]

When patents are granted they provide inventors up to 20 years of protection for their invention, bu [...]

UK government proposals to make directors liable for tax debts when a company becomes insolvent shou [...]

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